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The more volatile our world gets, the less the assumption that a certain level of predictability and order exists in the world, holds true. Good leadership and management require technology to successfully deal with complexity, dependencies, change over time and the human inability to understand non-linear developments. We augment organizations with smart technology to thrive on complex challenges. Our profiles provide transparency and decision support for a VUCA world. They help with valuations of portfolios and financial performance, bottleneck analysis, quality and performance measures and many more.

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Machine in the Loop

Machine in the Loop

We help you to leverage the power of the machine and human intelligence to create machine learning-based AI models. But we start from human intentions, purpose and hypothesis and only then start to add data to learn. Because a decentralized, self learning organization with a machine in the loop will always beat process and data mining.

Start with why

Map the intentions and your knowledge of your organization end-to-end

Predefined profiles

Benefit from preconfigured empirically proven models - we call them profiles

Add internal and external data

Inject performance data to validated or falsify your intended value streams

Visualization and prediction

Visualize complex cause and effect relations and predict and simulate outcomes

Profile: Delivery Performance of Digital Product Organizations

Improve the impact of your digital products through analyzing and optimizing all relevant performance metrics and all of their interdependencies

From Scrum to Lean Enterprise

The Field 33 platform collects data from all steps of the digital value stream, analyzes them and aggregates them into a graph-based cause- and effect-network that references our proprietary delivery performance ontology

End-to-end value streams

By visualizing the interdependencies of all relevant metrics and providing drill down- and roll up-support, every contributor to the value stream can navigate through their appropriate context and specific potential or the entire value stream end-to-end

Strategy execution management

It learns over time and provides prediction analytics for distinct business levers in the areas of performance efficiency, speed, quality and value. Field 33 for delivery performance is based on our proprietary ontology, that we created by combining the expertise of all relevant best practices in agile software development.

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Other profiles in the making

Check out our and our partners' profiles being built on the Field 33 platform

The Team

Sebastian Wohlrapp
Co-Founder & CEO

Marcus Ruebsam
Angel & Senior Advisor

We are hiring and looking for another Co-Founder

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Co-Founding Chief Data Engineer (f/m/x)
We’re looking for a Chief Data Engineer (f/m/x), who will help us build a new future for organizational data, as part of a strong founder team that provides a new approach at the intersection of domain expertise and Software 2.0. The role can be based in Berlin or Stuttgart/Tübingen.
  • Shaping our enterprise meta-model
  • Own the data engineering environment and data operations
  • Build an outstanding team of data engineers, scientists, and visualization experts
  • Create the basis for a global standard that will disrupt the way organizations are managed
  • Extend the product vision
  • Launch new profiles
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Our awesome features

Power your organization with the ultimate tool

Enable true strategic impact based on end-to-end value streams, proven models and your data.

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