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Humans globally face unseen challenges while transforming their businesses. Competing in a digital and borderless economy is complex and the pace of change keeps increasing. The inter-dependencies and exponential behavior of cause-impact relations are growing. It’s getting harder to decide and navigate between things that actually have an impact and to consider cost and risk implications at the same time. That’s why we’re building Field33. Our mission is to help people deepen their understanding and impact on organizations. Combining empirically proven success factors and local data into specific multi-dimensional graphs to model the entire complex for relatable actions at fingertips. We enable organizations to tap into an ecosystem of domain experts and researchers applying knowledge in real-time.

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Machine in the Loop

Machine in the Loop

We help you to leverage the power of the machine and human intelligence to create machine learning-based AI models. But we start from human intentions, purpose and hypothesis and only then start to add data to learn. Because a decentralized, self learning organization with a machine in the loop will always beat process and data mining.

Start with why

Map the intentions and your knowledge of your organization end-to-end

Predefined profiles

Benefit from preconfigured empirically proven models - we call them profiles

Add internal and external data

Inject performance data to validated or falsify your intended value streams

Visualization and prediction

Visualize complex cause and effect relations and predict and simulate outcomes

Profile: Delivery Performance of Digital Product Organizations

Improve the impact of your digital products through analyzing and optimizing all relevant performance metrics and all of their interdependencies

From Scrum to Lean Enterprise

The Field 33 platform collects data from all steps of the digital value stream, analyzes them and aggregates them into a graph-based cause- and effect-network that references our proprietary delivery performance ontology

End-to-end value streams

By visualizing the interdependencies of all relevant metrics and providing drill down- and roll up-support, every contributor to the value stream can navigate through their appropriate context and specific potential or the entire value stream end-to-end

Strategy execution management

It learns over time and provides prediction analytics for distinct business levers in the areas of performance efficiency, speed, quality and value. Field 33 for delivery performance is based on our proprietary ontology, that we created by combining the expertise of all relevant best practices in agile software development.

Our awesome features

Other profiles in the making

Check out our and our partners' profiles being built on the Field 33 platform

The Team

Who we are and what we do

Sebastian Wohlrapp
Founder & CEO

Daniel Fiebig

Marcus Ruebsam
Angel & Senior Advisor

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Our awesome features

Power your organization with the ultimate tool

Enable true strategic impact based on end-to-end value streams, proven models and your data.

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